Mar 2, 2020, 15:00 PM
If you’ve decided to put your home on the market, you know there’s a lot to be done! After looking around your house to prepare for selling, you probably realize some areas may need some help. From décor to renovations, it can be hard to know exactly what to do in order to make your home the most desirable house on the market. 
Before investing a lot of time and money, be sure you take the time to talk to the experts at the Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo. It is especially important to understand the return on investment for anything you put into your home before selling. Here are some common mistakes for you to avoid when prepping your home for the market.
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Bold design. 
You may be tempted to update a room with an eye-catching wall color, accent walls or trendy, exciting new flooring, but house hunters are usually not looking for a home that needs lot of work done to make it theirs. Keep tones and designs neutral and classic, avoiding trendy, bold selections that will most oftentimes be hit or miss for each person. For potential home-buyers, the more unique a home is, the more expensive it can be to redo with tasks such as painting and tiling.  
Scarce Storage. 
Major home renovations usually include tearing down walls and combining spaces. If you plan to make an adjustment like this within your home, be sure to refrain from removing extra storage space that’s already in the house. Oftentimes, closet space and storage in a new home are at the top of many wish lists. 
Unnecessary luxuries. 
In order to make the most profit, it’s best to avoid top-of-the-line upgrades that most likely won’t make a huge impact in selling your home. Built-in technology, custom islands in the kitchen, luxury appliances and whirlpool tubs can all be passed on when preparing your home for the market. Not only are these types of luxuries expensive for you, they’ll also become outdated for the buyer and not worth the extra investment. 
After you’ve decided what you’re going to do in order to prepare your home, it’s wise to invest in professional craftsmanship along with quality materials for the best result in many projects. While some homeowners can complete minor projects, if remodeling isn’t your profession, it’s oftentimes best to leave it to the pros! Realtors and home-buyers can spot the difference between quick or nonprofessional attempts that don’t last. Spend the time to find professionals you trust and know what you shouldn’t try to tackle yourself. 
Preparing your home and remodeling can be overwhelming for anyone putting a house on the market. If you are considering a big project and you’re not totally sure about how to do so, the experts at the Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo can help you make the most decision for a wide variety of home renovation projects. Browse the booths at the expo to find the right expert for the renovations on your list! See you at the show!