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Pain that Lasts Decades, Floors that Last a Lifetime! Our professional concrete coating services will provide you with the perfect finish! Our experienced technicians are committed to ensuring a high-quality, durable result that meets all of your needs.

Do you feel underwhelmed by the condition of your property’s flooring? Polyaspartic flake flooring options have revolutionized the floor coating industry, replacing epoxy as the preferred floor coating solution. Once used to reinforce steel bridges and protect naval vessels, polyaspartic coatings provide long-lasting durability for your home’s floors.

Unlike epoxy, polyaspartic remains 100% UV stable and won’t discolor when exposed to harsh UV rays. Additionally, polyaspartic flake flooring options come in various styles, designs, and colors to match your style preferences. A premium flake floor can last over 30 years with proper installation, maintenance, and cleaning.

Floor coating experts undergo extensive training to install, repair, and maintain polyaspartic-coated floors. Before settling for low-quality, store-bought epoxies or liquid rubbers, consider the many benefits of polyaspartic flake flooring. You may not recognize your property’s flooring after highly-trained experts install innovative polyaspartic coatings.

Understanding Polyaspartic Flake Floors
Polyaspartic coatings were invented in the 1980s to protect truck beds from damage, prevent corrosion damage to steel bridges, and deter moisture damage on small and large naval vessels. Thanks to vast technological innovations, homeowners can now use the same materials that fashion our nation’s most beautiful bridges to protect their home’s flooring.

Additional benefits of polyaspartic coating technologies include:

Slip resistance
Stain resistance
Chemical resistance
Added insulation
Excellent tensile strength
Strong adhesion to flooring substrates
Easy installation
Low-maintenance requirements
Many floor coating professionals use polyurea base coats and polyaspartic topcoats to protect your home’s wood, metal, or concrete flooring from damage. Well-protected flooring limits mold growth in concrete joints, prevents hardwood floors from warping, and adds essential weatherization for metal floors. If you remain tired of constantly cleaning floor tiles, repairing concrete garage floors, or frequently repairing natural wood floors, polyaspartic materials may answer your needs.

Customizing Polyaspartic Flake Flooring
Fear not if you feel overwhelmed planning your next flooring upgrades. Floor coating professionals can help you every step of the way through the floor coating process. One of the most significant advantages of working with licensed and insured professionals includes polyaspartic coating’s vast customization options.

The three most popular polyaspartic flake flooring in Birmingham include:

Each style of polyaspartic flooring has a unique design and works both for indoor and outdoor use. Pool decks, patios, garages, and walking surfaces greatly benefit from additional protective coatings to protect against blustering winds, high humidity, and harsh UV radiation. Dealing with overgrown thatch, excessive moisture damage, and hazardous mold growth becomes a concern of the past after installing polyaspartic coatings.

Experts add vinyl paint chips, metallic pigments, or quartz grains between polyurea basecoats and polyaspartic topcoats for added slip protection and design. Choose from countless color options, styles, and designs to match your newly installed polyaspartic floor to your home’s style and your own unique design preferences. You can even explore glow-in-the-dark metallic floors or have your favorite sports team’s logo imprinted directly on your garage or basement flooring.

Flake Broadcasts and Design Possibilities
No premium flake polyaspartic floor will turn out the same. Floor coating professionals approach every performance flooring installation to your exact specifications, creating unique designs wholly customized to you. You can choose 1″ vinyl flakes or 1/16″ flakes to cover concrete cracks and discoloration and give your flooring an added boost of color and character.

Experts can apply metallic, quartz, and flake additives to your polyaspartic flake flooring in small, medium, and full broadcasts. The larger broadcast you choose, the more coverage your floor receives. Many Alabama residents opt for full broadcasts to maximize slip resistance and hide unsightly concrete cracks.

Additional Floor Protection Additives
Commercial and industrial properties require durable floors that withstand frequent foot traffic, heavy machinery, and accidental chemical spills. Countless commercial and industrial properties use polyaspartic flake floors to keep their workplace pristine. Homeowners can achieve the same level of protection for their kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and basements by combining their polyaspartic coatings with the following additives:

Fire resistance
Shock resistance
Skid resistance
Professionally installed polyaspartic flake flooring protects your home during lightning storms, unexpected fires, and severe storms. The durable, plastic-like polyaspartic clear coat repels moisture, improves traction, and greatly enhances your property’s aesthetics. Speak to your local floor coating professionals for a full list of additives to strengthen your home’s flooring.

Why Choose Polyaspartic Flake Flooring
Homeowners often feel they must undertake complex remodeling projects to boost their home’s value and curb appeal. Unfortunately, laborious remodeling projects require weeks of construction and seriously disrupt daily routines. Conversely, polyaspartic flake flooring installation requires only one day of work and extremely little maintenance.

To keep your newly installed polyaspartic coating in perfect condition, use warm water, a neutral-pH floor cleaner, and a microfiber cloth to remove any debris, stains, or smudges from your flooring. Low-maintenance requirements, easy installation, and stunning high-gloss finishes make polyaspartic flake flooring an excellent choice for homeowners.

Rhino Shield vs. Traditional Painting: Rhino Shield painting contractors set themselves apart through their commitment to using superior materials and an advanced application process. Unlike traditional paint, Rhino Shield offers enhanced durability, resisting chipping, cracking, and peeling for much longer. This means less frequent painting and maintenance, saving you time and money in the long run.
Product Quality: Rhino Shield stands out for its superior product quality. Unlike traditional paint, Rhino Shield is a ceramic coating that’s made with tiny microspheres packed tightly together. This formulation provides a more durable, flexible, and breathable surface that traditional paint can’t match.

Durability: One of the biggest advantages of Rhino Shield is its durability. Traditional paint can chip, crack, and peel over time, requiring frequent repainting. In contrast, Rhino Shield is designed to last much longer, resulting in less frequent painting and maintenance.

Maintenance: With Rhino Shield, maintenance is minimal. While traditional paint may require regular touch-ups due to weathering and wear, Rhino Shield’s long-lasting formula withstands the elements better, maintaining its vibrant color for years and reducing the need for constant upkeep.

Energy Efficiency: Rhino Shield also offers an added benefit of energy efficiency. The ceramic microspheres in Rhino Shield reflect UV rays, helping to keep your home cooler in the hot Birmingham summers. This can potentially lower your cooling costs, a benefit not typically associated with traditional paint.

Warranty: Finally, Tuff Dog offers a 25-year warranty, demonstrating our confidence in the product’s longevity and durability. Traditional painting contractors typically offer much shorter warranties, if they offer one at all, which can leave homeowners in a bind if the paint deteriorates prematurely.

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We offer all of our customers a free quote, and for a limited time during the Nashville home show, we will offer a $200 discount on all jobs secured for floor coatings and exterior paint services!

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