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Harmacy Hot Sauce Co.

Harmacy Hot Sauce Co.
503 W Spring Street
Cookeville TN
Booth: 944

Company Description:

Harmacy Hot Sauce Co. is a small business gourmet sauce manufacturer based out of Cookeville, TN. We specialize in creating unique, rich flavor profiles with a balanced heat, created using fresh ingredients and hand-made effort. All of our sauces are made in house, and always will be.

Our award-winning flavors are carefully crafted using a variety of fresh peppers, fragrant spices, and labor-intensive processes like charring and fermentation to give common ingredients a special edge. The resulting range of flavors amount to sauces with depth that are sure to please! From a gentle mild to searing super-hots, Harmacy Hot Sauce has something for you.

Show Specials:

Home Show Volume Discount: when you buy two sauces at regular price, all following sauces are $5 off!

Certifications & Awards

Grand Champion @ Sauce King NYC 2022, First Place Unique Hot Sauce @ Scovie Awards 2023, First Place Salsa @ International Flavor Awards 2022, First Place Presentation at the Tennessee State Fair 2022

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