10 Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Aug 24, 2022, 14:34 PM

Can you feel the cool, brisk air ushering in the fall season? Can you smell the bonfires and fallen leaves of the outdoors? Or how about the fresh aromas of apple cider, pecan pie, and everything pumpkin spice?

With the warm summer days ending and fall fast approaching, it is important to stay on top of your home maintenance checklist so you can enjoy all your favorite fall activities. We spoke with home experts to offer the best advice for a stress-free fall.


  1. Check all windows and exterior entryways.

    As the temperatures decrease, gas bills increase. Don’t let your money unnecessarily fly out the window this fall. Be sure to inspect all windows and doors for any air leaks. A quick and easy fix for minor gaps can be solved with caulking solutions, using foam sealing, or updating the weatherstripping.

  2. Inspect and clean gutters.

    A year's worth of rain and debris can do a lot of wear and tear on your gutters. It is important to inspect and confirm that your gutters are securely attached to your house. Secondly, double-check that your gutters are directing water away from your house to avoid future water damage and ensure peace of mind!

  3. Drain and winterize exterior plumbing.

    Exterior plumbing can easily get neglected during the changing of the seasons. It’s vital to winterize your irrigation system to prevent damage from freezing water. If you have an air compressor handy you may be able to tackle this project on your own. If not, you can always call in the pros.


  4. Inspect roof and shingles.

    Carefully inspect the roof of your home by keeping an eye out for water damage, buckled and/or curled shingles. Taking this preventative step will ease your concerns and save you trouble in the future.

    Pro-tip: Trim nearby tree limbs that could potentially damage your home.

  5. Inspect the foundation of your home.

Similar to the roof inspection, it is crucial that you keep an eye out for cracks in your home’s foundation. As homes settle and weather naturally erodes your property, you should inspect any areas that may affect the structure of your home. Tree limbs aren’t the only threat to your home, the underground roots of a tree can be just as damaging. It’s important to take note of these potential threats and catch them early before it becomes a bigger issue.


  1. Schedule a furnace tune-up.

    Gear up for winter by ensuring that your furnace is running smoothly. Some things you should look for include strange noises and odors. To do it yourself, change your filter regularly. To take a step further, you can call in the pros and schedule a tune-up to inspect air ducts, lubricants, belts and pulleys.

  2. Test smoke and carbon dioxide detectors.

    Yes, smoke detectors need more than just a new battery every now and then. Protect your home by updating your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors if they are over 10 years old. For a regular check-up you can do on your own, simply press and hold the “test” button on each of your detectors to ensure the sound is loud and working properly.

  3. Run ceiling fans in reverse.

    Ever noticed how your ceiling fan blades are slightly angled? This is designed to change the direction of airflow up or down. To prepare for fall temperatures, run your ceiling fan in the reverse direction to create an upward draft that circulates cool air up and warm air down. This helps move warm air near the ceiling back into your living space so you can enjoy fall in comfort. To achieve this, turn off the fan and simply flip the switch commonly found on the side of the motor to change the direction clockwise before turning the fan back on.

  4. Clean your chimney. If your home has a fireplace, fall is the perfect time to have it inspected. Make sure your fireplace is ready to use throughout the winter by calling in the pros. Professional services are strongly encouraged especially if you have not cleaned out your chimney in a long time. Benefits of cleaning out your chimney include reducing the risk of a fire and removing toxins such as creosote which comes from burning wood.

  5. Rotate your rugs. You’d be surprised by just how worn down your rugs can get from simply walking on it year-round. Rotating your rug is a practical life hack that makes a noticeable difference in your living space. Not only will it make your home look well kept, but it will also allow you to utilize the rug in various rooms around your home. Every home loves versatility! Knowing how expensive rugs can be, we find this hack to be crucial for extending the life of your rugs.