Mar 6, 2023, 13:40 PM

Patric Richardson has inspired people to love their laundry! He has tips and tricks for every stain you could encounter. We sat down with Patric before his appearance at the Nashville Home Show to get to know the man behind the washer a little better.


What home gadget or tool should every homeowner have?

I couldn’t do laundry without a horsehair brush. They get softer when they are wet so they are safe enough to scrub cashmere and silk, but strong enough to take out serious stains.


What is the trickiest stain to get out?

Lipstick or Barbeque…They are both oily and complex and, in both cases the higher the quality, the harder to remove!


What is the most underrated cleaning product?

VINEGAR! I love it for so many things, it is perfect to remove oily stains in the laundry and then clean the laundry room!


Best home purchase for under $100?

A steamer, but an all-purpose one, you can use it to clean the house, and it will have an adapter to steam clothes. So, all purpose.


What is your favorite part of doing laundry?

I love the whole process for 2 reasons; First, it makes whoever you are doing laundry for (including yourself) happy. Second, it gives me such a sense of satisfaction, I started with this wrinkled stained pile of fabric and ended with a beautiful closet full of clothes. Mick was wrong, you can get satisfaction!


Tell us about your pets.

I don’t have pets, but I have a very well cared for lime tree. Did you know you can get a Bluetooth device to let you know when plants need water? You do now.


What is your favorite paint color?

I am so boring here, I love French grey. I surround myself with wildly colorful clothes so a neutral backdrop is best. There can only be one centerpiece at the party after all.


What is one design tip for big impact in the laundry room?

I am famous for saying you should hang a disco ball in the laundry room, but after that, get a great light fixture and some paint. You can make a fun room that you love to work in. It can just take an afternoon.


Favorite room in your home?

I love my whole house, we did a total reno when we moved in (it was last updated in the 70’s) and I love every room, but besides the laundry, I would have to say my tiny efficient kitchen. I feel like I could cook for anyone there, but everything is close at hand.


What’s your next home project?

I am obsessed with making my little deck into an oasis, so when spring comes, I will be busy for sure.


What home trends are you loving? What styles do you think will emerge?

I love that we are embracing individuality in décor. I think we are redefining how we use our home and we can make it personal. I also think we will see a lot more pattern and collections ahead.


Which fellow HGTV star would you most like to work with and why?

Oh gosh, so many people. I love the HGTV people. If I had to pick, Ben and Erin. I was lucky enough to get to do something with them, but would love a show. I really love several of those people, so I guess really I would like to do something like Rock the Block where I can work with a bunch of them at once. I know it’s a cop out, but too hard to pick!


What do you enjoy about being at a home show?

First and foremost. PEOPLE. I love to talk, and I love to meet people in their towns and hear their stories. Second, my father was a builder so I love seeing all the aspects of home and garden. I like to walk around and see what everyone has to offer. It totally energizes my mind.


What’s in your bag?

I am a minimalist, so it will have some earbuds, some gloves if I’m in MN, a travel sized Amodex stain remover for an emergency, altoids, a candy bar and, of course a Diet Coke.


Tips for designing an office at home.

My biggest tip is a space to spread out. Those little desks that close up look great, but I need a library table to spread out, and make a few things moveable, so you can have extra light if you need it, or a chair for a collaborator. The key is to make it look great so you love it, but it should be functional, and if you are going to work in there all day, add a mini fridge or a coffee maker so you can grab a beverage without breaking your momentum. It’s hard when you need to stop for a second, but then you see dishes in the sink or mail to go through.


What is an outdated trend you hope doesn’t return?

Oh gosh, those rooms that weren’t for using, remember those? I want to use every space in my house, even if it is to sit in the quiet and look at the fireplace. With all the great fabrics and surfaces out there, there doesn’t need to be any space that is hands off.


When you design a space, what is the most important advice you give?

Make it yours, if you love orange, go for it, it will work even in the most formal of spaces. I designed my house 14 years ago and I still love it, I have only added artwork and a couple of pillows since then, I still look forward to coming home.


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